Young Investigator Awards

The ACC is no longer accepting submissions for the Young Investigator Awards (YIA) for ACC.22. The YIA competition encourages and recognizes young scientific investigators of promise, upon whom progress in the field of cardiology is dependent.

Submission Deadline: 1 pm ET on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Be sure to join us at ACC.22 to see cutting-edge research in the following categories:

  1. Clinical Investigations
  2. Basic and Translational Science
  3. Outcomes Research

The Award: The first-place winner in each category receives $2,000, second place winners receive $1,000; three honorable mentions in each category receive $500. For more information email

YIA Category Descriptions

Clinical Investigations

The primary objectives of submissions to this category should be applicable to clinical medicine in patients. Studies suitable to this category include a broad range of approaches such as observational cohort studies, biomarker studies, imaging studies or small clinical trials, with study endpoints that may range from clinical outcomes to in-vivo physiologic assessments.

Basic and Translational Science

The primary objectives of submissions to this category should relate to molecular or physiologic mechanisms of disease or treatment. This category includes studies that utilize human tissue or animal models to address mechanisms of disease or mechanisms of action of therapies, as well as basic studies examining fundamental aspects of molecular and cellular regulation. Human studies using molecular physiologic or biochemical approaches that focus on the interface between basic and clinical aspects of cardiovascular disease should also be submitted here.

Outcomes Research

The primary objectives of submissions to this category should address topics relevant to health outcomes, health service research, quality of care, population health or epidemiology. This includes research that results in innovative healthcare delivery, the value of new or repurposed system/clinical practices, cost effectiveness and population genetics/genetic epidemiology.

Need help deciding which category?

Clinical pharmacogenomic studies testing a specific treatment approach in patients and comparing clinical endpoints is best suited for Clinical Investigations; studies focusing on discovery or the mechanisms of pharmacogenomic interactions is best suited Basic and Translational Science; studies assessing the associated cost savings and population impact of a proposed pharmacogenomic strategy are best suited for Outcomes Research.

Still not certain which category is best?

There may not be a "single best category" for your work. Do not be overly concerned if you are unsure; just use your best judgment. The YIA committee may move submissions to different categories after reviewing if it is better suited to another group.

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