All the World's a Stage: Interactive Sessions at ACC.23/WCC

The Engage Stage, Heart2Heart Stage and the ALL-NEW March Matchup combine to offer attendees unique and interactive ways to learn and connect over the course of ACC.23/WCC.

Find out what's taking center stage and plan your program so you don't miss a beat!

March Matchup
Let the clinical games begin with this brand-new venue located in La Nouvelle C! Don't miss expert debates on some of the hottest clinical topics ranging from use of DAPT to managing ischemic heart disease, as well as spirited game-show-like sessions such as "Stump the Chump" and ACHD Family Feud leveraging questions from ACC's Collaborative Maintenance Pathway and trusted Self-Assessment Products (SAPs). Also, find out which interventional trial from 2022 will be crowned the winner in a March Madness bracket-style debate. Highlights include:

  • Stump the Chump: The Hardest Congenital Case of My Life (Session 502)
  • Sex, Age and Avoiding Kidney Failure: Am I Overthinking This? Jeopardy For Hypertension in Special Populations (Session 501)
  • Live Acute and Chronic Pulmonary Embolism: Cases With the Experts (Session 503)
  • ECG Reading With the Experts (Session 508)
  • Top Interventional Trials of 2022: March Madness (Session 506)
  • The Great DAPT Debates (Session 504)
  • Cardiology CMP/SAP: ACHD Family Feud! (Session 505)
  • Hemodynamic Controversies in Valvular Heart Disease Diagnosis and Management (Session 507)
  • Avoiding the Crash and Burn: How to Navigate Cardiogenic Shock (Session 509)
  • Debates in Stable Ischemic Heart Disease (SIHD): Translating New Guidelines, AUC, and Evidence Into Clinical Practice (Session 510)
  • PH 202: Navigating Complex Clinical Scenarios in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (Session 511)

Engage Stage
Get all the questions to your answers at the ACC.23/WCC Engage Stage. Cheer on your favorite ACC Chapter in the annual Battle of the Chapters FIT Jeopardy Competition and find out which team will be crowned this year's Jeopardy Champion. Also don't miss the Young Investigator Awards sessions, with winners being announced during Convocation on Monday, March 6, along with Heart Tank for the Cardiovascular Investigator and much more! The ENGAGING lineup includes:

  • FIT Forum: Battle of the Chapters FIT Jeopardy Competition I (Session 2001)
  • Young Investigator Awards Session: Basic and Translational (Session 901)
  • FIT Forum: Battle of the Chapters FIT Jeopardy Competition II (Session 2008)
  • Young Investigator Awards Session: Clinical Investigations (Session 906)
  • FIT Forum: Battle of the Chapters FIT Jeopardy Competition III (Session 2014)
  • Young Investigator Awards Session: Outcomes Research (Session 911)
  • FIT Forum: Battle of the Chapters FIT Jeopardy Competition IV (Session 2019)
  • Heart Tank for the Cardiovascular Investigator: The Final Showdown (Session 2024)
  • Bringing a Humanistic Side of Clinical Decision-Making Through "Unheard" Patient Stories (Session 2026)
  • Collaboration With Industry: Partnerships For Success (Session 2029)

Heart2Heart Stage
Back by popular demand in the Lounge & Learn Pavilion, join ACC and WHF leaders, global experts and others at the Heart2Heart Stage for informal discussions on topics ranging from lessons in leadership, health equity, ethics, bridging the digital divide and social media use, cardiovascular care of women post-Dobbs, global collaboration to transform cardiovascular care, and much more! As we work together to achieve a world where science, knowledge and innovation optimize care and outcomes, these heart-felt discussions are vital to moving us forward. Highlights from the Heart2Heart Stage include:

  • OutFront to Empower the Next (Session 2002)
  • Cardiovascular Care of Women in the Post-Dobbs Era (Session 2003)
  • Cultural Competence in Critical Moments: Improving Palliative and Supportive Cardiovascular Care For Diverse Patient Populations (Session 2004)
  • Best Practices For Social Media Use in Cardiology (Session 2005)
  • Striking the Balance: Ethical Tensions Between Inclusion and Protection in Cardiovascular Trials (Session 2006)
  • Catch Them Before They Fall: Syncope Guidelines in Action (Session 2009)
  • EP Grant-Supported Session II (Session 2020)
  • How to Stand Out From the Crowd - Top Tips For Recruiting and Retaining CV Team (Session 2013)
  • Bridging the Digital Divide (Session 2010)
  • Balancing the Role of Self and the System in Sustaining Clinician Well-Being (Session 2011)
  • Sustainable Leadership: How to Confront Subtle Barriers (Session 2016)
  • Can Medicare Be Saved? The Complex Case of System Reform (Session 2012)
  • The World Heart Observatory: A Global Hub For CVD Data (Session 2017)
  • Cardiovascular and Private Equity: Is it the Next Business Model? (Session 2018)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning in Cardiology: What Every Cardiologist Ought to Know (Session 2022)
  • Cardiac Surgery: Past, Present and Future (Session 2023)
  • How to Be an Effective Mentor and Mentee For Academic Cardiologists, Sponsored by JACC Journals (Session 2025)
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