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ACC.23/WCC will provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment for the Cardiovascular Team to engage with the latest cutting-edge science, get insight on tips and tricks that can immediately be implemented into clinical practice, and network with colleagues with similar interests from around the world.

Sessions across the 11 different learning pathways at ACC.23/WCC will provide extensive learning opportunities for the cardiovascular team through case presentations, debates, panel discussions, and question and answer time.

Learn from experts as they discuss strategies for implementation of guideline-directed medical therapies in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and review tips and tricks for overcoming barriers (Session 637). Watch as fellows in training and early career professionals present challenging structural heart cases to an expert team of panelists and ask them how they would approach and manage the cases (Session 641).

The cardiovascular team will find value in the broad range of sessions taking place on the Heart2Heart Stage throughout the meeting. Watch as experts highlight disparities in supportive care at critical moments in the cardiovascular disease trajectory and learn about practical tools that every clinician can use to achieve more equitable and patient-centered care (Session 2004). Listen in as experts address the increasingly critical shortages in the cardiology health care workforce that jeopardize access to care and learn about strategies for training, recruitment, and retention that can help promote a talented, qualified, engaged and diverse workforce (Session 2013). Explore additional sessions taking place on the Heart2Heart Stage.

In addition, be sure to tune in for the interactive, innovative March Matchup sessions on a variety of topics, including a session on the numerous practice-changing recommendations from the latest guidelines and appropriate use criteria on chest pain and stable ischemic heart disease. Experts will discuss and synthesize these guiding documents and relevant clinical trials to help clinicians better understand current best practice testing algorithms (Session 510). Review the additional March Matchup sessions.

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Moving the Global Needle on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Perspectives From Around the World – A Global Health Spoken Here Session (Session 722)
  • Beyond the Blips and Bumps: Outpatient EP For the General Cardiologist (Session 631)
  • Play or Stay (on the Bench): Considerations For Sports Restrictions (Session 668)
  • The Bulking Phase: The Evolving Landscape For Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Session 675)
  • Pharmacology I: Pharmacists Are Your BFFs in Cardio-Oncology – CV Drug Interactions to Be Aware of in Oncology Patients (Session 102)
  • Hands-on Echo for CV Team (Session 306)
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