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ACC has long recognized the value of all members of the cardiovascular team and active participation by these members in planning, developing and presenting at the Annual Scientific Session creates a truly interdisciplinary experience. All CVT members will find that ACC.21 provides amazing opportunities to expand their knowledge, learn about cutting-edge cardiovascular care and research advances, and network and collaborate with peers.

ACC.21 contains 11 Learning Pathways covering the full spectrum of cardiovascular medicine and special "Global Health Spoken Here" sessions, featuring global experts and issues, will be interspersed throughout the pathways. In addition, CVT members won't want to miss the Core Knowledge in Action sessions led by master educators aimed at incorporating clinical guidelines and best practices into real-world practice focused on the topics of HFpEF, aortic stenosis, lipids, AFib, and SIHD.

CV Team members will also find this year's intensive sessions of interest. COVID-19: Uncovering the Silver Linings (session 51 and 52) will cover topics such as vaccine development, leadership in the COVID era, advances in telehealth, and virtual conferencing and education. Plus, don't miss the annual Bishop Lecture Keynote: Defining Priorities: Bringing Health Equity to the Frontlines of Healthcare. In addition, the Pharmacology Program will provide CV Team members with the opportunity to focus on improving outcomes through the use of new agents (session 102), tackling cardio-diabetes (session 104), and advances in cardio-oncology (session 105).

Attendees will find that sessions feature a wide and deep array of cardiology topics presented in diverse, interactive formats that include case presentations, debates, panel discussions, and opportunties for Q&A.

Take advantage of the many things offered at ACC.21 and expand your personal network by getting to know fellow CV Team members and come away with an understanding of the current and future possibilities in caring for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Plus, don't miss these hot sessions:

  • ACC.21 Opening Showcase Session (session 401)
  • COVID-19 Intensive: Uncovering the Silver Linings (session 51 and 52)
  • How Much is Too Much? Navigating Medication Overload by Medication Deprescribing (session 615)
  • Pharmacology Program I – III (session 102, 104, and 105)
  • Pharmacotherapy Considerations in Cardio-Obstetrics (session 701)
  • Case Based Learning for the Cardiovascular Team (Interventional and Structural Cardiology) (session 622)
  • Drug Jeopardy: Pharmacological Conundrums in Arrhythmia Management (session 673)
  • ECGs With the Experts: Practical Considerations for the Cardiovascular Clinician (session 648)
  • Contemporary Challenges in Cardiac Critical Care: Structure, Staffing, Training and Beyond (session 650)
  • Multimodality Imaging of Athletes: What Do The New Consensus Statements Teach Us? (session 710)
  • Diabesity: A Tale of Obesity, Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk (session 614)
  • I Know the Evidence: So How Do I Incorporate Nutrition and Lifestyle in My Clinic? (session 613)
  • Getting Your Life-and-Style Back in CVD (session 743)
  • Progression of PAH Pharmacotherapy: Plainly Played Out in a Patient Case (session 775)
  • Venous Thromboembolism: Current Controversies and Practical Management (session 686)
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