The Electrophysiology Learning Pathway at ACC.23/WCC will provide attendees with an overview of core knowledge as well as emerging and controversial topics in electrophysiology. Sessions will focus on a wide range of topics with an emphasis on atrial fibrillation (AFib) as experts discuss the patient population, clinical developments, high-tech advancements, global AFib care and more.

Join in as leaders in electrophysiology guide you through the basics of AFib, including medical management, ablation and the latest guidance (Session 802). Learn how an integrated, patient-centered approach to establishing AFib centers of excellence can improve outcomes for patients with AFib, including improved quality of life, reduced morbidity from stroke, heart failure and AFib symptoms, and reduced mortality (Session 756).

Tune in to hear about the increasing number of devices capable of making medical diagnoses, especially for heart rhythm, and explore the clinical dilemmas faced when patients approach health professionals with their findings, the medical implications of acting or not acting on the findings, and the strengths and limitations of the different devices used (Session 663).

Take part in the Electrophysiology Learning Pathway for these exciting, informative sessions and more!

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Electrical Storm: Interdisciplinary Approach to Care (Session 673)
  • ECG Reading With the Experts (Session 508)
  • Highlighted Original Research: Electrophysiology and the Year in Review (Session 915)
  • Arrhythmias in Unusual Cardiomyopathies (Session 742)
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