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2024 marks the 40th Anniversary of ACC/AHA Guidelines. Join us at ACC.24 to learn how to implement, optimize, and translate guidelines into your clinical practice from key members of the guideline committees and experienced colleagues.

The Guidelines Sessions at ACC.24 will focus on three current guideline updates.

2023 Atrial Fibrillation Guideline

  • Pharmacology II: Strokes vs. Bleeds, What Do the Guidelines Tell Us About Practical Management in A-fib? (Session 104)
  • What Is Really New in Electrophysiology That Will Change My Practice? Joint Symposium of the Heart Rhythm Society and the American College of Cardiology (Session 611)
  • Newer Strategies in AF Management: From Prediction to Prevention and Treatment (Session 624)

2022 Aortic Disease Guideline

  • The Aorta Strikes Back: Adventures in Aortopathies (Session 686)

2020 Valvular Heart Disease Guideline

  • Dilemmas in the Lifetime Management of Aortic Stenosis (Session 682)
  • 2024: A Valve Odyssey (Session 678)
  • Heart and Soul: Utilizing Guidelines and Clinical Pathways in the Care of Valve Patients (Session 756)
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