Ten Steps for Completing Your Submission

The submission process for ACC.20/WCC is now closed.

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Login to the submission system using your ACC username and password. Your name and ID number will automatically pre-populate the system. The submitting author’s name must be the author who will present the abstract/case/LBCT, if selected. Notification of acceptance will be sent to this person.

  Ten Steps for Completing Your Submission
  Ten Steps for Completing Your Submission
  1. Select an activity for your submission. Investigators should submit each piece of research to only one activity: ACC Abstract, Young Investigator Award, Late-Breaking Clinical Trial, Challenging Case, FIT Clinical Decision-Making Case or Cardiovascular Team Case. If you submit the same abstract or case to more than one activity, only the most recently completed submission will be saved.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions for submitting research and create a title.
  3. Select a category relating to the topic of your submission. Note: Be sure to view all categories listed before making your selection!
  4. Enter up to two keywords (this is not required for challenging cases).
  5. Enter your institution information.
  6. Enter your author information.
  7. Enter or upload the body of the abstract, LBCT or case as applicable.
  8. Enter your preference to present this abstract in a poster presentation format. (not required for YIA, LBCTs or Challenging Cases, as all are presented orally)
  9. Enter your payment information for the processing fee (not required for YIA).
  10. Review your work! Make sure all steps are complete and print a copy of the submission for your records. You may go back into the system and edit a submission until the deadline. There will be no edits allowed after the submission deadline.
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