FIT Clinical Decision-Making Cases

The ACC is no longer accepting FIT Clinical Decision-Making Cases. Acceptance notifications will go out the week of Dec. 10, 2017.

FIT Clinical Decision-Making Cases will be peer-reviewed and selected for presentation in one of two formats — during a special “Stump the Professor” session at ACC.18, which all FITs are invited to attend, or as a traditional or moderated poster.

FITs should submit an interesting case with teaching points written in abstract style. The selection criteria is based upon the clinical decision-making used to arrive at a diagnosis and/or treatment. Selection is not based on just a great image or technically challenging procedure. The case scenario must illustrate clinical decision-making with teaching points and include the following sections: Background, Case Description, Decision-Making and Conclusion. For more information refer to the sample cases below, which were submitted and presented at ACC.17.

Sample Clinical Decision-Making Cases

Click here to see a sample Clinical Decision-Making Case


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