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Use the ACC.19 Online Planner to browse sessions and start building your itinerary.

ACC.19 Online Planner

ACC has long recognized the importance and value of the cardiovascular team in producing positive patient outcomes, and nowhere is that more evident than in the planning and development of ACC.19. All CV Team members will find that ACC.19 provides them with amazing opportunities to expand their knowledge, learn about cutting-edge cardiovascular care and research advances, and network with peers. If your professional focus is on cardiovascular medicine, ACC.19 in New Orleans is where you need to be because ACC.19 is more than a meeting, it's a total immersion in what it means to be a cardiovascular professional.

ACC.19 contains 10 clinical Learning Pathways — and unique programming and events for CVT members. Attendees will find that sessions feature a wide and deep array of cardiology topics presented in diverse, interactive formats that include case presentations, debates, panel discussions, audience response systems (ARS) as well as dedicated Q and A time. Special events for CVT members provide the opportunity to meet new colleagues and share experiences. CVT attendees are invited to join their peers to learn more about ACC's CVT Section and participate in Section events and programs.

Be sure to check your program for more details about these events and venues:

  • CV Team Lounge: Check your email, relax and network with colleagues in the CV Team. Programming and special events will take place in the lounge throughout the meeting. Be sure to check the lounge schedule for more information.
  • CVT Member Section Annual Meeting, Networking and Recognition Event: Attend this event to network with peers, learn about Section initiatives and of course, recognize CVT members for their contributions to ACC and the CVT Section.

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  • CVT Member Section Work Group Events take place in the CV Team Lounge. Check the lounge schedule for more information. Non-members are welcome to attend.
  • Cardiovascular Team Clinical Decision-Making Cases: Cardiovascular Team members will share cases highlighting collaboration and consultation with interdisciplinary colleagues. Each case presenter will provide at least one clinical pearl that can be immediately replicated in similar practices.
  • 68th Annual Convocation: ACC's Convocation ceremony takes place, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, March 18, 2019, at the New Orleans Convention Center. In addition to the recognition and induction of the new Fellows of the ACC (FACC), the ACC will recognize the 2018 Distinguished Associate Awardee and award Associate of the ACC (AACC) designations to CVT members who have achieved outstanding credentials, achievements and community contributions.

The ACC.19 program comprises so many opportunities for improving your knowledge of the most effective methods for treating patients with cardiovascular disease. Don't miss these hot topics:

  • Personalized Skills & Simulation Center: Hone your auscultation skills with Heart Songs, test your expertise during simulations at the Clinical Judgment Station using Body Interact; improve your patient communication techniques at the Shared Decision-Making Station; challenge your acute heart failure care at the Immersive Station and practice your procedural skills. (session #1501, 1502 and 1503)
  • Wellness Intensive I and II (session #15, 51)
  • Pharmacology Sessions I, II and III (session #101, 103, 105)
  • Relieving the Pressure of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Key Takeaways for the General Cardiologist Moving from Vague Symptoms to Ensuring Adequate Treatment Response (session #746)
  • Practicing Prevention in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology Clinics (session #752)
  • Being Mortal: End of Life Care for Patients With Heart Failure (session #753)
  • Pearls in Lifestyle Related Prevention Every Cardiology Practitioner Needs to Know (session #730)
  • Cardiac Rehab 2019 and Beyond (session #751)
  • A Panoply of Perspectives on Pulmonary Hypertension: Patients, Practitioners, and Political Advocates (session #681)
  • Updates in Structural Interventional Cardiology for the CV Team (session #758)

Learn more about these sessions and more happening at ACC.19 with the Online Planner.

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