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The Valvular Heart Disease Learning Pathway bridges knowledge gaps and addresses relevant topics for cardiovascular professionals interested in valvular heart disease. Sessions build on clinically pertinent topics and include various diagnostic and treatment options encountered by all practitioners and their teams. Several sessions include case studies, case presentations, panel discussions and ACC Talks. With the selection of topics, expert opinions and colleague input, attendees can look forward to participating in a thorough examination of the current state of valvular heart disease and what the future portends.

The ACC/WHF partnership brings a focus on global health to ACC.20/WCC given the high prevalence of valve disease in both high- and low-income countries. The degree of specialization necessary for the diagnosis and management of valve disease makes care delivery more challenging and requires innovative strategies to meet the challenge. Join Sir Mardi Yacoub of the Aswan Heart Center, and Karen Sliwa, World Heart Federation president, and a global panel as they discuss the global burden of valve disease, the use of telemedicine, and research priorities with an emphasis on global collaborations.

Personalization of therapies for valvular heart disease has received incredible attention with the advent of alternatives to traditional surgery, raising questions of who may benefit and how modeling and simulation might enable patient-specific therapies.

Whether it's contemporary management of prosthetic valves, tricuspid valve disease or another topic, the VHD program is packed with information for specialists and general practitioners, physician and non-physician providers. Join your colleagues in Chicago and be a part of ACC.20/WCC to learn from the experts, share your experiences, and network with others in a forum that delivers the most complete picture of what is happening with cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular teams in 2020.

Don't miss these highlights:

  • Topics in the Contemporary Management of Prosthetic Valves (Session #681)
  • Mitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure: Better Medical Therapy or Just Clip It? (Session #699)
  • When to Look, and What to Do with Tricuspid Valve Disease (Session #666)
  • Chain of Survival: Navigating the New Paradigm of Valvular Heart Disease Care for the General Cardiologist and Others (Session #656)
  • We Are the World: A Discussion on Valvular Heart Disease Care — A "Global Health Spoken Here" Session (Session #667)
  • Echo Assessment Before and After Percutaneous Valve Procedures – What Every Echocardiographer Needs to Know, American Society of Echocardiography and ACC (Session #623)
  • Contemporary Role of Open Surgery in the Management of Aortic Valve Disease in the Low-Risk Patient, Society of Thoracic Surgeons and ACC (Session #639)
  • Precision Medicine and Valve Disease (Session #667)
  • Cardiac Culture Medium: Current Concepts in Infective Endocarditis (Session #728)
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