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Preventive cardiology is experiencing a significant amount of practice-changing science, prompting new guidelines and consensus decisions for guiding providers and their patients in preventing cardiovascular disease. ACC.19 and its Prevention Learning Pathway embraces the whole of cardiovascular medicine and encourages the melding of information across specialist pathways, all to the benefit of the patients.

Centered in the ACC.19 experience, the Prevention Pathway will provide cardiovascular professionals with guidance on how they should adjust their patients' care based on the new information, research results and the availability of newer pharmaceuticals and technology. All members of the cardiovascular team and fellows in training (FITs) will find these sessions valuable.

Sessions will feature a blend of case discussions, debates and knowledge checks. Attendees will find a wide-ranging selection of sessions about guidelines, cholesterol, diet and lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes management and cardiovascular disease, aspirin therapy and smoking. Other sessions focus on the newer therapeutics in lipid lowering and inflammation or review informatics, novel apps and microbiome.

All members of the cardiovascular care team should mark their calendars to attend the Prevention Learning Pathway sessions to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of knowledge that will help to elevate patient care.

Don't miss these hot topics:

  • Just Tell Me the Fa(c)ts About the New Cholesterol Guideline! (session #636)
  • All You Needed to Know About Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines, Well — Almost All (session #744)
  • Beyond the New Hypertension Guidelines: Understanding & Implementing in Current Practice (session #760)
  • The Devil Is in the Details: A Case- Based Discussion on Cholesterol Guidelines (session #759)
  • Hypertension Management Hypercharged: The Devil is in the Details (session #619)
  • So You Know Your Lipids! Let's do Some Questions and Discuss Some Cases (session #653)
  • Can We Optimize CVD Care Using Genetics, Digital Health and Microbiome? and the Douglas P. Zipes, MD, MACC, Distinguished Young Scientist Awardee Presentation (session #668)
  • Changing Paradigm in Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Diabetes (session #679)
  • New Paradigms in Contemporary Cardiovascular Care: Application of Guideline-Directed Therapies - Implications for Minority Populations and Resolution of Disparities: Joint Symposium of the Association of Black Cardiologists and the ACC (session #680)
  • LDL-C and Beyond: Harnessing the Power of Novel Therapeutic Targets and Big Data to Improve Dyslipidemia Care (session #718)

Also, don't miss, also, session #668, Can We Optimize CVD Care Using Genetics, Digital Health and Microbiome?, which includes the Douglas P. Zipes, MD, MACC, Distinguished Young Scientist Awardee Presentation to Amit V. Khera.

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