Prevention Learning Pathway

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The Prevention Learning Pathway concentrates on the basic four topic areas in prevention of cardiovascular disease: lipids, hypertension, diabetes and lifestyle management. Find intensive, highly informative discussions and debates supplemented with case presentations on complex issues related to new pharmaceuticals and controversies related to guidelines, particularly in areas of hypertension management and treatment of dyslipidemias. Attendees will discover that recent scientific evidence may disrupt traditional accepted thinking about how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The Prevention Pathway will assist clinicians by providing guidance on whether or how they should adjust their patients’ care based on the new information, research results and the availability of newer pharmaceuticals and newer technology. Join the experts and contribute to the discussions on the various topics related to cardiovascular risk assessment and management of dyslipidemia, hypertension and diabetes and participate in a lively debate on whether LDL-C is definitely causal for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Guidelines issues will be front and center in several sessions:

  • There’s No Sugar Coating the New Reality — Changing the Paradigm for CVD Risk Reduction in T2DM (Session #673): With the recent publication of large cardiovascular outcomes trials for SGLT2 inhibitors and a GLP-1 agonist, understanding the role of the cardiovascular clinician in prevention of CVD complications of diabetes is a new imperative. Find out what providers need to know to optimize preventive therapies in patients with T2DM and what the implications will be for future prevention guidelines.
  • Hitting the Moving Targets — Practical Considerations in Hypertension Guideline Implementation (Session #619): Take an in-depth look at the new hypertension guidelines — what’s new, what’s the same, and how the updated guidelines should affect clinical practice.
  • Dyslipidemia — Creating Harmony in an Ever-Changing Landscape of Guidelines (Session #633): The publication of the 2013 ACC/American Heart Association blood cholesterol guideline challenged the traditional models for LDL-C-goal oriented treatment of dyslipidemia and was the focus for ongoing debates regarding optimal management of dyslipidemia for CVD risk reduction. The debates continue in this session.

The ACC.18 Prevention Highlights Session is a “do not miss” session where experts will summarize late-breakers, abstracts and more that were presented at ACC.18. Discuss how the translation of science presented may affect future research agendas, consider gaps in the current evidence base and synthesize how new data may affect your clinical practice.

All members of a cardiovascular care team should mark their calendars to attend the Prevention Learning Pathway sessions to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of knowledge that will help to elevate patient care.

Don’t Miss:

  • Great Debates in Preventive Cardiology (Session #739)
  • Dying for Your Meal — How Common Dietary Factors Can Improve CVD Mortality (Session #716) Precision Cardiovascular Disease Prevention — Practical Strategies to Personalize CVD Prevention (Session #740)
  • Aging Like a Fine Cabernet Sauvignon (Session #771)
  • Ensuring a Bright Future for Patients with T2DM: Comprehensive Risk Management (Session #647)
  • The PCSK9 Era: Making the Jump to Light Speed (Session #703)
  • Beyond Essential Hypertension: Complex Case Studies in Resistant, Secondary, and Post-Stroke Hypertension (Session #688)
  • Managing Complex Dyslipidemias: It’s a Team Sport! (Session #717)
  • Agree to Disagree: Great Debates in Hypertension (Session #726)
  • Eat This, Not That! Reducing CVD Risk with Food and Nutrition (Session #756)
  • Thinking Out of the Box: New Targets, New Therapies, and New Approaches in ASCVD Risk Reduction (Session #771)
  • Disruptive Medicine: Multi-Level Innovative Approaches to Improve Cardiovascular Health in Minority Populations: Joint Symposium of the Association of Black Cardiologists and ACC (Session #658)


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