The Prevention Learning Pathway concentrates on the four basic topic areas in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: lipids, hypertension, diabetes and lifestyle management. Attendees will find intense, highly informative discussions and debates supplemented with case presentations on complex issues related to new pharmaceuticals, controversies related to guidelines, hypertension management and cholesterol control. Many of these issues disrupt traditional accepted thinking about how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The Prevention Pathway will assist physician and non-physician cardiovascular professionals and general practitioners by providing needed guidance on whether or how they should adjust their patients’ care based on the new information, research results and pharmaceuticals. Join the experts and your colleagues and contribute to the discussions on the various topics related to lipids, hypertension, diabetes and lifestyle management.

Guidelines issues are covered in several sessions and attendees can expect to find some lively discussions:

  • Great Debates in Preventive Cardiology (session #678): The debate generated by the 2013 ACC/AHA guidelines on assessment of cardiovascular risk continues. Should the assessment be based on the pooled cohort equation? Where does that leave coronary calcium scoring? Other topics include: aspirin’s role in prevention and fasting vs. non-fasting lipid testing.
  • Coming to Consensus in a New Era: The Role of Non-Statin Therapies in ASCVD Risk Reduction (session #694): The 2013 ACC/AHA guidelines on treatment of blood cholesterol defined statins as the main therapy for cholesterol control, which provoked a backlash and the formation of a consensus panel. This session provides some guidance on non-statin therapies set in several scenarios.
  • Hypertension: Evolving Evidence, Changing Guidelines (session #660): An in-depth look at the evolution and current controversies direct this session, which discusses guidelines in other countries, too.

The Prevention Pathway encompasses all aspects of prevention including:

  • Dyslipidemias: A Potpourri of Complexities (session #789), which includes a keynote lecture, The Neglected CVD Risk Factor — NAFLD, by David E. Cohen, a gastroenterologist from Boston, MA, promises to be an intriguing topic delivered by a speaker known to be dynamic
  • Preventing ASCVD in Diabetes: Are These New Drugs for Real? (session #725), acknowledges the increased involvement of diabetes as a major component in preventing or treating ASCVD
  • Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk (session #777) offers advice on guiding patients to make lifestyle changes

Both primary and secondary prevention handled effectively can and will reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease. For that reason, all members of a cardiovascular care team should plan to attend the Prevention Learning Pathway at ACC.17 to ensure that they are on the cutting-edge of knowledge that will help to elevate patient care.

Additional Highlights!

  • Core Curriculum: Healthcare for the Masses (session #812)
  • Emerging Concepts in Evaluation and Management of Hypertension (session #751)
  • Feeling the Pressure - Tough Cases in Hypertension (session #752)
  • Beyond the Usual Suspects - Other Dimensions in Prevention (session #763)
  • Dyslipidemias: A Potpourri of Complexities (session #789)
  • Are We There Yet? Update on Trials Testing New Therapeutics for Prevention of ASCVD (session #790)


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