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Attendees at ACC.20/WCC will find a Prevention Learning Pathway that provides cardiovascular professionals with guidance on how they might adjust their patients' care based on new information, research results and the availability of new pharmaceuticals and technology.

The ACC/WHF partnership brings a focus on global health to ACC.20/WCC and attendees will learn about innovative teaching and training techniques for health care teams around the world. In addition, global experts will address cardiovascular health concerns and issues that affect all communities no matter their location.

The Prevention Learning Pathway integrates the real-world issues of incorporating guidelines into daily clinical care or motivating patients with hypertension and obesity issues, as well as the topics of harnessing genomic and biomarker data to deliver precise preventive care. All members of a cardiovascular care team should mark their calendars to attend these sessions to ensure that they are on the cutting-edge of knowledge to elevate patient care. Join us in Chicago and share in the global experience of ACC.20/WCC.

Don't miss these hot topics:

  • How to Ensure Patients Have Access to Preventive Services Globally — Universal Health Coverage for Services and Essential Therapies (Session #637)
  • Global CVD Epidemic: Determinants, Solutions, and Unanswered Questions (Session #726)
  • Cardioendocrinology: Who Owns This Emerging Field? (Session #607)
  • Diabesity: A Tale of Obesity, Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk (Session #654)
  • Tackling Cardiometabolic Risk: A Case-Based Discussion (Session #727)
  • Hypertension Management: A Future Full of Promises? (Session #621)
  • Controversies in Non-Surgical Weight Loss Therapies in 2020 – What Does the Evidence Reveal? (Session #773)
  • Primary Prevention Guidelines: Beyond Treatment of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure (Session #636)
  • Hypertension Guidelines — Do They Vary Across the World as Much as My Blood Pressure Has Today? (Session #695)
  • Cholesterol Guidelines in the Real World: High Yield Topics for the Busy Clinician (Session #620)
  • A Day in the Life of a Lipidologist — Let's See those Aces up Your Sleeve! — a Case-Based Discussion Where Guidelines Will Guide and Experience Will Triumph (Mostly) (Session #774)
  • Innovative Ways to Put Prevention into Practice (Session #655)
  • Harnessing Genomic and Biomarker Data to Deliver Precise Cardiovascular Preventive Care (Session #665)
  • Great Debates in Clinical Lipidology — Facts Versus Alternate Facts (Session #753)
  • Practical Pearls and Wisdom from the Masters — a Case-Based Discussion on The Management of Hypertension (Session #737)
  • Vulnerable Plaques: Intervention or Pharmacologic Therapy? (Session #754)
  • Core Knowledge in Action: The Ultimate Guide to Lipids (Session #803)
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