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The ACC.19 is more than just a review of the science or an education meeting. It is a total immersion in the world of cardiovascular medicine and its team of providers. The Non-Invasive Imaging Learning Pathway program exemplifies how diverse technologies and approaches driven by the common purpose of improving patient care come together to provide improved patient outcomes.

The imaging program includes sessions covering the latest advances that will benefit those directly involved in the performance and interpretation of imaging studies as well as cases and guidelines-focused-sessions that will benefit the entire care team. All attendees will greatly benefit from understanding how to clinically integrate test results into the management of patients and understanding which test is best in certain clinical scenarios.

At ACC.19 you'll find a Non-Invasive Imaging Pathway offering an array of diverse, cutting-edge topics with a mix of case-based learning guideline applications and practical demonstrations to enhance your knowledge in how to effectively care for patients.

Don't miss these hot topics:

  • Man vs. Machine: Current and Future Applications of Machine Learning in Cardiovascular Imaging (session #603)
  • Joint American Society of Echocardiography/ACC Session: Cutting Edge Echo: You Can Use It Too (session #632)
  • Clinical Use of CMR Across the Spectrum of Structural Heart Disease (session #614)
  • Cardiac CT for Diagnosing and Guiding Treatment in Structural Heart Diseases (session #631)
  • Concepts and Controversies in Interventional Echo (session #713)
  • Conundrums in Cardio-Oncology: Imaging and Beyond (session #677)
  • CMR in Clinical Cardiology: The Clinician and Imager Perspectives (session #676)
  • Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Multimodality Approach (session #690)
  • Point-of-Care Cardiac Ultrasound: Use It or Lose It (session #689)
  • CMR Guided Care: Is It Time for a Paradigm Shift? Joint Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and ACC Joint Session (session #703)
  • Current Controversies in Echocardiography (session #704)
  • New and Emerging Applications of Nuclear Imaging for the Practicing Cardiologist: What Is the Right Test and the Right Patient? American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and ACC Joint Session (session #727)
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