Ischemic Heart Disease

The Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) Learning Pathway at ACC.23/WCC provides a comprehensive overview of the multidisciplinary and multifaceted field of IHD. The best educators and thought leaders in the field guide attendees through a wide range of topics, addressing important issues and incorporating preventative cardiology, innovation, pharmacology, heart failure and more.

Get up to speed on the hot topic of coronary revascularization with percutaneous coronary intervention or surgery as experts review current guidelines and clinical trial data (Session 667). Join in to learn about the increasing importance of "big data" analytics and the emerging use of artificial intelligence in advancing the field of cardiovascular medicine and the delivery of care at the individual patient level (Session 764). In addition, tune in to understand the long-term cardiovascular outcomes among patients with history of COVID-19 infection (Session 750).

Take part in the IHD Learning Pathway for these exciting, informative sessions and more!

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Top 10 Breakthroughs in the Cardiovascular Disease in Women From Pregnancy to Menopause (Session 693)
  • Case-based Approach to Revascularization Challenges (Session 614)
  • Can Coronary Imaging Move the Needle Away From the Artery? (Session 645)
  • Diverse Dilemmas Across Diverse Populations (Session 719)
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