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The Multimodality Imaging Learning Pathway at ACC.21 takes a different approach on issues within the world of imaging and moves away from viewing specific technologies as somewhat separate entities. Instead, the ACC.21 builds the program with a multimodality imaging perspective that considers the important role multimodality imaging plays as a whole in addressing challenges within patient care. The selection of sessions in the pathway demonstrates how diverse technologies and approaches driven by the common purpose of improving patient care can come together to provide improved patient outcomes, and it highlights new advances such as machine learning while still providing information in core knowledge areas.

Discuss the important role of imaging in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 patients (session 750) and review the impact of the pandemic on echo services and discuss key elements and innovations in approach to noninvasive cardiovascular imaging (session 619). Other sessions offer guidance and updates for those treating patients with cardiomyopathies, coronary microvascular or artery disease, and cancer.

Attendees will find that the program includes sessions on machine learning and the future of computer analysis in imaging (session 1050) or on multimodality imaging and modern media (session 664), as well as the basics for clinical care (session 802). Follow along as master clinicians highlight current uses of the various imaging modalities (session 766) or learn about the importance of understanding clinical utility and challenges of cardiac imaging in older adults (session 724).

The program is aimed at general cardiologists, but many specialists will find relevant sessions, and FITs and CVT members will appreciate the many sessions on the basics of imaging in various conditions. The ACC.21 Multimodality Imaging pathway offers an informative, interactive, innovative, and interdisciplinary program for all professionals. Attendees will be able to enhance their understanding of how to integrate test results into improving patient care and how to determine which test is best in certain clinical scenarios.

Plus, don't miss these other hot topics:

  • Cardiovascular Imaging or Diagnosis and Management of Coronary Microvascular Disease (Session 606)
  • Cardiovascular Imaging to Enhance Prevention (Session 780)
  • Current Controversies and Debates in CAD Imaging (Session 677)
  • Multimodality Imaging in Cardio-Oncology (Session 676)
  • Multimodality Imaging of Athletes: What Does the New Consensus Statement Teach Us (Session 710)
  • New Innovations in Cardiovascular Imaging — Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Daily Practice (Session 767)
  • Cardiac Point of Care Ultrasound Around the World — A "Global Health Spoken Here" Session (Session 690)
  • Registries in Cardiac Imaging: How Will they Change Clinical Practice (Session 605)
  • Top Indications for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in Modern Cardiology: Case-Based Joint Symposium of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and ACC (Session 711)
  • Cardiac CT in Clinical Practice: Joint Symposium of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography and ACC (Session 725)
  • Advanced Nuclear Cardiology Applications in 2021: Joint Symposium of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and ACC (Session 739)
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