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ACC.21 will feature eleven learning pathways, each focusing on a different clinical specialty of cardiovascular disease. Choose to focus on one clinical area or attend sessions from an array of pathways.

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This pathway provides a broad and innovative curriculum in contemporary arrhythmia management for all cardiovascular providers and electrophysiology sub-specialists alike. Sessions will address the needs of a broad spectrum of health care professionals and will bridge the gap between arrhythmia care and other specialties with a mix of case presentations, debates, and panel discussions. Learn more >>>

Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies

The Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies Learning Pathway features a variety of presenters that reflect the multidisciplinary effort required to provide optimal care for patients with heart failure and cardiomyopathies. Speakers will highlight best practices and cutting-edge information while discussing topics such as the effect of COVID-19 on heart health and diverse populations and emerging breakthrough medicines and therapies. Learn more >>>

Interventional and Structural Cardiology

In this pathway, Interventionalists, as well as general cardiologists, other specialists, FITs and all members of the cardiovascular team will find a broad range of sessions on emerging technologies and techniques, everyday dilemmas, and challenges with complex or simple coronary, structural, valvular and endovascular disease. Learn more >>>

Ischemic Heart Disease

Find a selection of robust sessions that cross the width of acute coronary syndromes and the diagnosis and treatment of stable ischemic heart disease in the Ischemic Heart Disease Pathway. Presenters will focus on a broad range of contemporary topics in ischemic heart disease, particularly high impact and rapidly changing areas. Hear from expert speakers on important topics of racial/ethnic disparities, gender-specific care and the changing care environment in the era of COVID-19. Learn more >>>

Multimodality Imaging

The Multimodality Imaging Learning Pathway considers the important role multimodality imaging plays as a whole in addressing challenges within patient care and features sessions that demonstrates how diverse technologies and approaches driven by the common purpose of improving patient care can come together to provide improved patient outcomes. Sessions will also highlight new advances such as machine learning while still providing information in core knowledge areas. Learn more >>>

Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease

The Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease Learning Pathway will engage participants in exploring the best approaches for a wide range of controversial topics with case-based presentations and targeted discussions with world-class. These case-based sessions will focus on complex questions such as the ICU management of non-cardiac issues after congenital heart surgery, ethical issues in heart transplantation, arrhythmia management of congenital heart diseases, and much more. Learn more >>>

Prevention and Health Promotion

Sessions in the Prevention and Health Promotion Learning Pathway will address topics across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease prevention, while combining novel insights into scientific aspects of CVD and creative applications of new technology with the "bread and butter" of guideline-directed clinical care. Gain comprehensive education on CVD prevention as well as guidance on how to promote lifestyle, diet, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol controls more effectively through a mix of case presentations, debates, and panel discussions. Learn more >>>

Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Power-packed with information for specialists in the field, general cardiologists, Fellows in Training, and cardiovascular professionals who work in critical care cardiology, this pathway deep dives into a variety of topics and issues. Sessions will discuss topics such as the nuances of treating right ventricle versus left ventricle heart disease, global disparities in treatment of pulmonary hypertension, and will allow for liberal audience interaction. Learn more >>>

Special Topics

The Special Topics Learning Pathway provides an umbrella for a diverse array of topics and helps create connections between educational specialties, link diverse groups through common interests or highlights cutting-edge research and topics that defy easy categorization. This pathway includes a variety of Late-Breaking Clinical Trials, deep-dive sessions, as well as discussions on leadership during COVID-19 and advances in cardio-oncology. Learn more >>>

Valvular Heart Disease

In this pathway, you'll find a mix of case studies, presentations, panel discussions and audience Q&A opportunities by a broad range of care providers with exceptional examples of interactive and interdisciplinary approaches for improving patient health. Sessions build on clinically pertinent topics and include various diagnostic and treatment options encountered by all practitioners and their teams. Learn more >>>

Vascular Medicine

Benefit from a program that offers innovative looks at cutting edge topics that require multidisciplinary engagement to care for patients successfully. The Vascular Medicine Learning Pathway encompasses some of the most practice-relevant topics in vascular medicine today and participants can expect to find several exciting sessions that intersect with other specialties including cardio-oncology or interventional care for patients with vascular disease. Learn more >>>

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