Cardiovascular Team

ACC.24 will provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment for the Cardiovascular Team to get up to speed on the latest cutting-edge science, improve simulation skills, expand professional networks, and understand how new information can immediately be implemented into clinical practice.

Whether you're interested in newly released research, pharmaceutical management of cardiovascular disease states, troubleshooting procedural complications, or learning more about the business side of cardiology and program development, all members of the cardiovascular team will find value in attending ACC.24.

Sessions across the 11 different learning pathways at this year's meeting will provide extensive learning opportunities for the cardiovascular team through case presentations, debates, panel discussions, simulation centers, gaming, and more.

Tune in to learn how expert interventionalists manage intraprocedural complications in the Cath lab and what techniques they use to deal with unwanted scenarios, including no-reflow, coronary perforation, and side branch loss (Session 621). Dive deep into the business of cardiology with intensive sessions on business basics for everyone (Session 51), optimizing the care team (Session 52), sustainability of the system (Session 53), and hot topics in the business of cardiology (Session 54).

Attend ACC.24 to take part in these engaging, dynamic sessions and to take advantage of other opportunities offered to the cardiovascular team throughout the meeting!

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • To Fix or Not Fix? Rapid Fire Challenging Structural Heart Imaging Cases With Heart Team Panel (Session 729)
  • Follow-up of Pacemakers and ICDs For the Non-electrophysiologist (Session 687)
  • The Real Reasons Your Patient With Heart Failure Was Readmitted: Noncardiac Comorbidities, Geriatric Syndromes and Social Determinants of Health (Session 753)
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts! Preventing and Managing Complications (Session 606)
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