Vascular Medicine

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The Vascular Medicine Learning Pathway meets today’s vascular medicine challenges with sessions that focus on incorporating all the powerful tools now available to improve cardiovascular care. Sessions extend beyond new device therapies and anticoagulant agents to the expanded use of health information technology and social media as a novel means to rise to the challenges presented in the current health care environment. Session #636, More Than Meets the Eye: Harnessing Technology to Optimize Vascular Outcomes is particularly novel and will give attendees interesting perspectives on how to harness technology to maximize their clinical practice and career development.

The multidisciplinary team’s importance remains a constant in vascular medicine. Explore multidisciplinary team-based care in areas of critical limb ischemia and acute limb ischemia, in addition to PE and aortic syndromes and arterial emergencies. With the continued and growing importance of vasculo-oncology explore vascular and thrombotic complications of cancer and cancer therapeutics.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge of vascular medicine and optimize the care of your patients by attending the Vascular Medicine Pathway.

Additional highlights!

  • Multidisciplinary Response Teams for High-Risk PE and DVT: Respond Like a Pro (Session #690)
  • Answering the Call of Arterial Emergencies: Rise of the Superteam! (Session #743)
  • Vasculo-Oncology: What You Really Need to Know About Vascular and Thrombotic Complications of Cancer and Cancer Therapeutics, featuring the Douglas P. Zipes, MD, MACC, Distinguished Young Scientist Awardee Keynote (Session #677)
  • Highlighted Original Research: Vascular Medicine and the Year in Review (Session #906)
  • Vascular Diagnoses in My Cardiology Clinic: The Master’s Approach (Session #728)


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