Vascular Medicine

The Vascular Medicine Learning Pathway program remains true to the nature of managing patients with vascular disease with a focus on team-based care.

Since ACC.16 new device therapies and anticoagulant agents have continued to challenge traditional standards of care for VTE treatment and prevention and have ignited innovation and sparked rapid changes in Vascular Medicine. The sessions at ACC.17 will provide guidance on these subjects and more, including vasculo-oncology (session #696), a topic of increased interest to all cardiovascular professionals, and session #766 on the new LE PAD Guidelines. The goal of the Vascular Medicine Pathway is to inform attendees on these and other important topics in order to enhance their care of patients.

The Vascular Medicine Pathway focuses on team-based care for the management of patients with vascular disease. Make sure that you and all members of your cardiovascular care team have the opportunity to attend sessions in this pathway and learn more about ways in which they can elevate patient care. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the best ways to manage vascular medicine and choose advanced therapies for your patients.

Additional Highlights!

  • Challenging the Standard of Care: Emerging Concepts in VTE Treatment and Prevention (session #637)
  • Vascular Diagnoses Cardiologists Should not Miss: A Case-based Approach (session #650)
  • Maximally Effective Vascular Care: Vascular Collaborative Team Care in Action (session #680)
  • Vasculo-Oncology: What You Need to Know About Vascular and Thrombotic Complications of Cancer and Cancer Therapeutics (session #696)
  • Core Curriculum: Head to Toe Catheter Based Interventions (session #810)
  • Meet the New LE PAD Guidelines: Case-Based Examples of Optimal Vascular Care (session #766)
  • Born To Run: Geographic Variation in PAD Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcomes (session #780)


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