Special Topics

Check out the engaging and informative Special Topics sessions at ACC.23/WCC to get brought up to speed on the latest practice-changing updates, debate and discuss the state of the cardiology profession, and more.

Special topics covered include the Late-Breaking Clinical Trials (LBCT) sessions, LBCT Deep Dive sessions, and Featured Clinical Research sessions where you can be among the first to hear the latest breakthroughs and listen to experts debate and discuss the outcomes of the trials and how it all will fit into your clinical practice.

Tune in to learn about virtual care 2.0, cardiovascular imaging in the digital era, emerging frontiers in interventional cardiology, and redefining the patient experience with advanced digital technologies (Session 7011). Review best practices for using social media as a tool for professional growth, innovative education and branding (Session 2005). Discuss the growing shortages in the cardiovascular workforce that were exacerbated and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and explore mitigation options (Session 670).

Finally, as the medical profession copes with incredible levels of stress and burnout that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, passion for hobbies and creative and artistic endeavors are of even greater importance. Join in as creative minds in the field of cardiology come together to share their stories as hobbyists and artist-cardiologists and discuss practical tips and strategies for keeping one's creative spirit alive in the face of busy professional lives (Session 2007).

Additional Special Topics Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Cardiovascular Care of Women in the Post-Dobbs Era (Session 2003)
  • Striking the Balance: Ethical Tensions Between Inclusion and Protection in Cardiovascular Trials (Session 2006)
  • Sustainable Leadership: How to Confront Subtle Barriers (Session 2016)
  • Bringing a Humanistic Side of Clinical Decision-Making Through "Unheard" Patient Stories (Session 2026)
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