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ACC.20/WCC embraces the whole of cardiovascular medicine and encourages a melding of information across specialist pathways, which provides a more complete picture of cardiovascular medicine today. The ACC.20/WCC Special Topics Learning Pathway helps to complete this picture, particularly with the increased international participation from this year's partnership with the World Heart Federation.

When it comes to Special Topics, begin your days with hot-off-the-presses Late Breaking Clinical Trials (LBCTs) featuring new research results, devices or pharmaceuticals that may transform the practice of your specialty. Plus, the LBCT Deep Dives give you a chance to hear the experts review the impact of the LBCT results.

The CardioObstetrics Intensive exemplifies the complexity of today's medicine and its overlapping disciplines and includes the 51st Annual Louis F. Bishop Keynote by Lisa Hollier, MD, MPH. The Pharmacology Program covers anticoagulation conundrums in mechanical circulatory support, the cardio-diabetes epidemic, and cardio-oncology. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on training in the Personalized Skills & Simulation Center or improve your basic knowledge with NEW Core Knowledge in Action sessions.

Join us in Chicago and immerse yourself in the world of cardiovascular medicine. Expand your horizons with guest lectures by leading experts from around the world and enjoy joint symposia with cardiology groups from the US and other countries and the diverse perspectives they provide.

Don't miss these hot topics:

  • Best of JACC Journals & Eugene Braunwald Keynote (Session #413)
  • Centers of Excellence International (Session #739)
  • New Sources of Data and Computational Methods to Guide Practice: Big Data, Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence: A Joint Symposia of the American Heart Association and ACC (Session #712)
  • World Heart Featured Research with Year in Review — A "Global Health Spoken Here" Session (Session #905)
  • International Perspectives from the European Society of Cardiology and ACC, Joint Session includes the James T. Dove Keynote by Magdi Yacoub, MB, BCA, FACC (Session #408)
  • Cases from the Guidelines for Clinicians (Session #404)
  • Up Close and Virtual: Impacting Cardiac Care with Telehealth (Session #680)
  • Patient Preferences and Priorities in the Care of Older Adults (Session #740)
  • Ask the Experts: Cardio Oncology (Session #6005)
  • Precision Medicine Comprehensive (Session #698)
  • Burning Out to Burning Brightly: Predicting and Mitigating Burnout Among Cardiovascular Professionals (Session #756)
  • The Upside of Error: Lessons Learned by Experts (Session #6504)
  • The Many Sides of Social Media (Session #6505)
  • JACC: Case Reports Clinical Cases Put Guidelines into Perspective (Session #6509)
  • Unconscious Bias: The Subtle Enemy of Equality (Session #6508)
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