Special Topics

The Special Topics Pathway at ACC.17 creates connections between educational specialties, links diverse groups through common interests and highlights cutting-edge research that defies easy categorization. Sessions in this year’s Special Topics Pathway acknowledge the far-reaching changes taking place in many aspects of medicine today and provide insight on how to handle the changes most effectively to enhance patient care and your career.

Start each morning with hot-off-the-presses Late-Breaking Clinical Trials (LBCTs) featuring new research results, devices or pharmaceuticals that may transform the practice of your specialty. Be sure to attend the special deep-dive sessions on Saturday and Sunday to hear experts review the impact of the LBCT results.

Expand your horizons with keynote lectures by leading experts from around the world. Enjoy joint symposia with cardiology groups from the US and other countries and their diverse perspectives. Enhance your skills as an educator, while celebrating the success of the next generation of cardiovascular researchers.

In addition, you’ll find important sessions to answer your questions on health policy and sharpen your skills in practice management and leadership including:

  • The Malpractice Minefield: How to Avoid, Navigate and Advocate (session #610)
  • How to Redesign a Care Delivery Team in Preparation for MACRA & MIPS (session #619)
  • Public Reporting and NCDR: The Decision to Report Your Data Before the Feds Decide (session #662)
  • Mentoring the Care Team: FITs, Early Career Professionals and CV Team Members (session #724)
  • Core Curriculum: Special Topic: Practical Tips: Changes in Healthcare Affecting My Practice (session #814)

Whether it’s Special Topics or one of the many clinical Learning Pathway programs, ACC.17 attendees will find content that will help them feel more comfortable with the challenges and opportunities taking place now and in the future.

Additional Highlights!

  • How Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Became a Contemporary Treatable Genetic Heart Disease (session #605)
  • Pharmacology Program (session #103, 104, 105)
  • Social Media and the Cardiovascular Professionals: Lessons Learned and Future Applications (session #635)
  • Overcoming Today's Challenges to Launching and Growing Your Academic Medical Career: An Interactive Tutorial (session #654)
  • 5th Annual Cardiovascular Updates for the Clinician: A Symposium by Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC (session #106, 107, 108, 109, 110)
  • Evolution of Critical Care Cardiology and the CICU (session #743)
  • WIC Brown Bag Lunch Session: Publishing, Social Media and Negotiating the C-Suite: Tools for Success in Academia and Private Practice (session #762)
  • Core Curriculum: Special Topic: Cardiac Issues During the Golden Years and Beyond (session #818)
  • Behind the Curtain: Inside Look into JACC and Peer-reviewed Publishing (session # 778)


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