Multimodality Imaging

The Multimodality Imaging Learning Pathway at ACC.23/WCC provides patient-centered learning opportunities based on important clinical dilemmas of a broad spectrum of diseases in cardiovascular medicine. Sessions focus on practical issues that cardiovascular clinicians encounter in practice and how imaging plays a central role in patient management, highlight the power of technical innovations in imaging and their impact on patient care, spotlight controversial topics in cardiovascular medicine and more.

Tune in as experts review exercise-induced cardiac remodeling, focusing on the specifics of how expected multimodality imaging in athletes may differ on the basis of sex, race/ethnicity and sport type (Session 732). Get up to speed on current and future perspectives of the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in multimodality cardiovascular imaging (Session 746). Join in as experts discuss how to recognize the unique features of chest pain and ischemic heart disease in women using multimodality cardiovascular imaging (Session 759).

Take part in the Multimodality Imaging Learning Pathway for these exciting, informative sessions and more!

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • What Every Cardiologist Needs to Know About Myocarditis and Cancer Immunotherapy (Session 676)
  • Cardiology and the Music of POCUS (Session 664)
  • Imaging For Two: Cardiovascular Imaging in Pregnancy (Session 705)
  • Yikes! Post-Procedural Structural Heart Complications – Imaging and More (Session 731)
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