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Make time in your busy ACC.17 schedule to attend these highly interactive dinner sessions on practice-changing topics in cardiovascular medicine. Plus, get time to network with your colleagues during dinner. Sessions take place Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

  Friday, March 17
  Friday, March 17

The Great K Debate Continues: Updates and Controversies in Heart Failure Management

With updated Heart Failure guidelines, new drugs and side-effect management concerns, the Great K Debate continues at ACC.17. Join us for this highly interactive dinner session carefully planned to help providers understand how to overcome the challenge of patient side-effect concerns, particularly hyperkalemia, while allowing for the optimization HF pharmacotherapies, including a look at the new drugs for treating hyperkalemia and management strategies for their administration.

Healthcare Innovation for Your Practice: Focus on Personalized Digital Health

Digital health technologies have made tremendous strides, yet sizable gaps exist between these emerging technologies and their validation and practice implementation in cardiovascular practice. Are we not ready for digital technology solutions? What is holding back adoption of the different technologies — reimbursement/cost issues or technical issues? What level of evidence is needed to adopt a digital health solution? These questions and more will be addressed in this evening session that engages the audience and helps attendees learn and understand risks, benefits and limitations of technological advances impacting their daily practice. This session will explore health care technology and its impact on cardiovascular delivery with a focus on big data, precision medicine, and digital and mobile health.

Recent Trends in Combination Therapy: Managing Cholesterol Even in the Most Resistant

Managing cholesterol levels effectively, particularly in the most resistant patients, can be a challenge. To treat these patients more effectively, recent trends call for incorporating evidence-based non-statin therapies into treatment plans, yet providers and patients seem to struggle with this combination therapy approach. This interactive evening dinner session reviews how clinicians are doing in the treatment of high-risk patients and why they might be struggling with prescribing evidence-based therapies. The patient’s perspectives and patient-related adherence issues or barriers are included also in the discussion followed by the systems of care stumbling blocks. Join this interactive session to review and analyze these issues and then participate in the final discussion on how to build a friendlier system of care for clinicians and patients.

  Saturday, March 18
  Saturday, March 18

Next Steps to Optimal Medical Therapy for Heart Failure Patients

New and exciting pharmacologic therapies for treating heart failure patients offer clinicians new hope for these special patients. At the same time, these promising therapies and new guidelines present new challenges for clinicians. If you’re seeking some guidance on optimizing medical therapy for your HF patients, this highly interactive evening dinner session is for you. Expert faculty will provide updates on new guidelines and drugs then lead participants through heart failure cases demonstrating how guideline-driven optimal medical therapy was used. The session concludes with practical approaches to guideline-driven heart failure care. So much has been happening in heart failure care; you owe to it yourself and patients to be at this session.

Breakthrough Therapies: Your Role in Protecting the Heart of Your Patient with Diabetes

Whether heart disease or diabetes came first, caring for patients with these conditions is complex and places demands on cardiovascular clinicians to stay up-to-date on new findings and pharmaceutical agents and how they may affect or alter care of their patients.¬ This dynamic, interactive session will feature a review of glycemic management and cardiovascular disease, an evaluation of the latest findings of cardiotoxic and cardio-protective profiles of pharmacological diabetes agents and their effectiveness in preventing ASCVD in diabetes. The session closes with some pragmatic conversations about the cardiovascular clinician’s role and responsibility in caring for the patient with diabetes. With the growing number of T2DM patients in the population, all cardiovascular providers should find this evening session useful and informative.

*Information current as of 1/23/2017. Please check the ACC.17 App or Online Planner for the most up-to-date information.


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