Presenters Only

Thank you for accepting the invitation to be faculty at ACC.20/WCC in Chicago!

Take a moment to watch our short video, which will provide information to help prepare you for the meeting. In order to have a consistent look in all of our session rooms, we request that all presenters download and use the Presenters' Slide Template.

We have several resources available to support you in preparing for your roles:

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

We invite you to visit the ACC Faculty Development webpage for additional tools, tutorials and information.

Still have questions? Visit our Faculty FAQs for the answers.

Information for Poster Presenters

Please consider using one of our #BetterPoster templates to create a better poster in less time that will more efficiently and effectively share your research with your colleagues at ACC.20/WCC! To learn more about the #BetterPoster format, please review the #BetterPoster Infographic.

Download the appropriate template for the Learning Pathway category that your poster will appear in:

Order your poster from Call4Posters and pick it up on-site at the meeting — it's the simplest and most convenient way to print your poster. Call4Posters is the preferred poster printing partner for ACC.20/WCC. Order today!

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