Presenters Only

Take a moment to view our 4-minute video, which will give you both information to help you prepare for, as well as an overview of what to expect at, the meeting in Orlando.

Several resources are available to support you in preparing for your roles:

Maximizing the Power of PowerPoint (15:23)
Faculty: Rick Nishimura, MD, MACC
BARISTA – 7 Steps to a More Powerful Presentation (8:33)
Faculty: Elizabeth Klodas, MD, FACC
Engaging Your Audience (16:51)
Faculty: Rick Nishimura, MD, MACC, Patrick O’Gara, MD, MACC and Mike Monahan Med

In addition, the tools below will help you develop, lead, and moderate effective educational sessions.

We invite you to visit the ACC Faculty Development webpage for additional tools, tutorials and information.

In order to have a consistent look in all of our session rooms, please download and use the Presenters’ Slide Template.


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