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The Valvular Heart Disease Learning Pathway at ACC.21 developed its program with specific goals, the first of which was to highlight the evidence behind the suggested management changes addressed in the 2020 American Heart Association/ACC Valve Guidelines. The second goal was to review key learning points that arise daily in clinical care and point to the knowledge or practice gaps in managing valvular heart disease. The pathway program bridges these knowledge gaps and addresses relevant topics for all cardiovascular care professionals. Sessions build on clinically pertinent topics and include various diagnostic and treatment options encountered by all practitioners and their teams. With the selection of topics, expert opinions and colleague input, attendees can look forward to participating in a thorough examination of the current state of valvular heart disease.

Find a mix of presentations by a broad range of care providers with exceptional examples of interactive and interdisciplinary approaches for improving patient health (session 786), and learn about a paradigm shift in management of severe aortic stenosis (session 720). Other joint symposiums will provide additional examples of interdisciplinary efforts to improve patient care (session 703 and 777).

All cardiovascular professionals, whether they are valvular heart disease specialists, general cardiologists, other specialists, FITs or other professionals on the cardiovascular team, will benefit from attending many of the sessions in this pathway. Case-based presentations on mitral valve disease and cardiac arrest (session 672), tricuspid regurgitation (session 684), and current concepts in infective endocarditis (session 645) will deliver invaluable insights.

No matter their specialty or status, all attendees will find that they are getting to the core of cardiology in the valvular heart disease pathway sessions.

Plus, add these hot topics to your itinerary:

  • Doorways to The Heart: Valves in Systemic Disease (session 662)
  • The Constant Debate TAVR Versus SAVR — One Size Does Not Fit All: Joint Symposium of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and ACC (session 703)
  • Highlighted Original Research: Valvular Heart Disease and the Year in Review (session 914)
  • Contemporary Aortic Valve Disease Management: Joint Symposium of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery and ACC (session 777)
  • Indirect Valvular Heart Disease — Problems and Perspectives (session 761)
  • Valvular Conundrums: Grey Area Cases, What the Experts Think (session 776)
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