Valvular Heart Disease

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • Stretched to the Limit: Bicuspid and Aneurysm-Associated Aortic Valve Disease (Session 728)
  • Heart and Soul: Utilizing Guidelines and Clinical Pathways in the Care of Valve Patients (Session 756)
  • April Adventure: Vexing Valves (Session 501)

The Valvular Heart Disease Learning Pathway at ACC.24 features sessions that will highlight the fundamentals of the field, the topics in which clinical science is rapidly evolving, and the areas in which interdisciplinary collaboration is key to successful management.

Tune in as experts provide a historical perspective on the diagnosis and management of valve disease and examine future challenges and opportunities in the increasingly complex landscape of modern clinical cardiology practice (Session 678). Dive deep into mixed valve disease, a clinical conundrum for practicing cardiologists, imagers and interventionalists. Experts will bring the audience up to speed on the clinical entity, diagnostic nuances and contemporary imaging strategies (Session 741).

Participate in the Valvular Heart Disease Learning Pathway for these engaging, dynamic sessions and more!

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