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The Special Topics pathway at ACC.21 fulfills a different purpose from the topic specific clinical learning pathways. Special Topics provides an umbrella for a diverse array of topics and helps create connections between educational specialties, link diverse groups through common interests or highlights cutting-edge research and topics that defy easy categorization. Sessions in this year's Special Topics pathway acknowledge the far-reaching changes taking place in medicine today and provide insight on how to handle the changes most effectively to enhance patient care or your career.

When it comes to Special Topics, begin your days with hot-off-the-presses Late-Breaking Clinical Trial (LBCT) and Featured Clinical Research sessions featuring new research results and devices or pharmaceuticals that may transform the practice of your specialty (session 402, 403, 406, 407, 409, 410, 411, 412). Be sure to attend the special deep-dive sessions on Sunday (session 408) and Monday (session 414) to hear experts review the impact of the LBCT results.

Explore new territory on Saturday with an intensive on vaccine development (session 51), then discuss leadership during the COVID-19 era (session 52). On Sunday, consider attending the special Pharmacology Program, where you'll hear about expanding the cardiovascular pharmacology toolbox, cardio-diabetes and advances in cardio-oncology (session 102, 104, 105). Make special note of the Core Knowledge in Action courses embedded in the Learning Pathways, too. These courses refresh the core curriculum to make it more relevant to the cardiovascular practitioner and will feature master cardiologists and international experts in the topic field.

Expand your horizons with these guest lectures by leading experts from around the world and enjoy joint symposia or discussions with cardiology groups from the US and other countries and the diverse perspectives they provide. The Special Topics section allows for a wide range of interests, some related to patient care, others related to provider needs.

  • Best of JACC Journals & Eugene Braunwald Keynote (session 413)
  • International Perspectives from the European Society of Cardiology I and ACC: The European Heart Journal's Year in Cardiovascular Medicine (session 699)
  • International Perspectives from the European Society of Cardiology II and ACC – Lessons Learned: Global Leadership and Professional Education in the COVID-19 Era (session 759)
  • Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician I – IV: A Symposium by Valentin Fuster (session 101 –105)
  • International Center of Excellence (session 671)
  • World Heart Featured Research with Year in Review - A "Global Health Spoken Here" (session 913)
  • How Much is Too Much? Navigating Medication Overload by Medication Deprescribing (session 615)
  • Cases from the Guidelines for Clinicians (session 404)
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Outcomes: What do Cardiologists Need to Know? (session 685)
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Cardiology (session 788)
  • Women CAN Afford to Stay in Academic Medicine (session 630)
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