Prevention and Health Promotion

Additional Sessions You Won't Want to Miss:

  • The Monsoon Is Coming: Understanding and Mitigating Cardiometabolic Risk in South Asians (Session 750)
  • The Other GDMT: Lifestyle Medicine and Cardiovascular Outcomes (Session 711)
  • April Adventure: Extreme Makeover, Diet Edition… Debating Controversies in Cardiovascular Health (Session 502)
  • Cardio-Obstetrics 101: Playbook For Optimizing Maternal and Fetal Health (Session 688)

The Prevention and Health Promotion Learning Pathway at ACC.24 will provide the core knowledge needed for this ever-expanding field, including biomarkers in risk prediction and emerging medical therapies for cardiometabolic disease and obesity. Through heated debates, thought-provoking case discussions, and the patient experience, experts will dive deep into several multidisciplinary topics, including the care of cardio-obstetrics patients and mitigating cardiometabolic risk in South Asians.

Discover how the needs and cardiovascular adaptations of a tactical athlete differ from that of a competitive athlete, and why evaluations must consider the specific duties and conditions required of such a population (Session 612). Learn about the unbelievable advances in artificial intelligence that are transforming prevention and understand the biases and pitfalls that still need to be addressed (Session 674). Listen in as noted experts discuss the effect of testosterone and estrogen on cardiovascular outcomes related to cisgender and transgender individuals (Session 737).

Participate in the Prevention and Health Promotion Learning Pathway for these engaging, dynamic sessions and more!

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