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The Prevention and Health Promotion Learning Pathway at ACC.21 addresses topics across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention. The program combines novel insights into scientific aspects of CVD and creative applications of new technology with the "bread and butter" of guideline-directed clinical care. Attendees will find sessions that offer comprehensive education on CVD prevention as well as guidance on how to promote lifestyle, diet, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol controls more effectively. With its mix of topics and use of varied platforms, including case presentations, debates and panel discussions, the pathway reaches beyond the cardiovascular prevention community itself and offers guidance and ideas for all health care providers who seek to prevent CVD and promote health.

After a year of a pandemic that has transformed societies around the globe, get insights into the role and adaptation of CV Prevention in the COVID era and beyond (session 757). Hear from translational scientists, dietitians, pharmacists and MD-clinicians, all of whom play important roles in treating the diabesity (session 614). Also be sure to tune into the joint session with the National Lipid Association on dyslipidemia management emphasizes team-based care (session 643).

Find sessions that bring together providers and scientists from different subspecialties to discuss non-invasive imaging of the plaques with a variety of modalities and have interventional cardiologist and a preventive cardiologist debate on the most appropriate therapy for vulnerable plaques (session 758). This pathway integrates the real-world issues of incorporating guidelines into daily clinical care or how to motivate patients with hypertension and obesity issues. Also, it includes sessions on COVID-19, dyslipidemia and genetics or geriatric care. Ensure you stay on the cutting edge of knowledge in CVD prevention and health promotion with ACC.21.

Plus, don't miss these hot topics:

  • Diabesity: A Tale of Obesity, Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Risk (session 614)
  • I Know the Evidence: So How Do I Incorporate Nutrition and Lifestyle in My Clinic? (session 613)
  • Hypertension Guidelines: Do They Vary Across the World as Much as My Blood Pressure Has Today? - A "Global Health Spoken Here" Session (session 628)
  • Innovative Nutritional and Dietary Approaches for Cardiometabolic Disease (session 627)
  • G&G: Genetics through Geriatrics — CV Prevention Through the Lifespan (session 642)
  • The Future of Dyslipidemia Management: Joint Symposium of the National Lipid Association and ACC (session 643)
  • Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus: Sex-Specific Risk Factors That Enhance CVD Risk (session 661)
  • Applying the Guidelines for Lipid Management in Special Populations (session 732)
  • Getting to the Root of Dietary Effects (session 719)
  • Getting Your Life-and-Style Back in CVD (session 743)
  • Tackling Cardiometabolic Risk: A Case Based Discussion (session 773)
  • Core Knowledge in Action: The Ultimate Guide to Lipids (session 803)
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