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The Symposiums at ACC.21 offer consecutive sessions which provide attendees the opportunity to focus on a specific area of interest. All members of a cardiovascular care team will benefit from these immersive learning programs, and of course, patients will benefit from their providers' expanded understanding.

Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician: A Symposium by Valentin Fuster

Led by Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC, the Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician will feature expert presentations and panel discussions in each topic area. Immerse yourself in the latest advances in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and learn how to integrate it into your daily practice. Continue growing your knowledge and expertise with comprehensive updates in patient care. This year's symposium is focused on four topic areas: coronary artery disease, myocardial disease and heart failure, electrical disorders, and structural heart disease. For busy clinicians and general cardiologists who seek a comprehensive update of new advances in cardiovascular care and how to integrate them into their practices — this is program to attend.

Pharmacology Program

With the complexity of when and how to use various medications, PharmDs play an important role as members of cardiovascular care team in this era of increasingly coordinated care. The Pharmacology Program will cover hot topics in cardiovascular medicine that are key issues that pharmacists, as well as other health care team members, face in managing these complex patients. The sessions will focus on the role of newer agents and treatment strategies to improve outcomes, tackling cardio-diabetes with a review of agents and tips on incorporating pharmacotherapy in treatment, and advances in cardio-oncology including prevention strategies in breast cancer, cardiac concerns for new treatments, and drug interactions.

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