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One of the most popular session types at the Annual Scientific Session, the ACC Intensives are a two-part series of sessions focused on new and growing areas in cardiovascular practice and use gaps in competencies and knowledge to develop sessions that will expand attendees' knowledge and understanding of the selected topics. These unique programs offer attendees the opportunity to focus on a specific area of concentration.

This year, the intensive topic will be COVID-19: Uncovering the Silver Linings, led by co-chairs Doreen Defaria Yeh, MD, FACC, and David Rizik, MD, FACC. With over fifteen presentations by experts in the field, the sessions will address topics such as vaccine development, leadership in the COVID era, advances in telehealth, and virtual conferencing and education.

Interact with your peers and expert panelists during the various Q&A's, plus don't miss the annual Bishop Lecture Keynote, Defining Priorities: Bringing Health Equity to the Frontlines of Healthcare.

Intensive Session I: COVID-19: Uncovering the Silver Linings
  • Bishop Keynote: Defining Priorities: Bringing Health Equity to the Frontlines of Healthcare
  • Vaccine Development in 2020: Finding Strength in Collaboration
Intensive Session II: COVID-19: Uncovering the Silver Linings
  • Crisis and Inspiration: Leading During the COVID Era
  • Leading During the COVID Era: A Nursing Perspective
  • Virtual Conferencing and Education: Making Virtual Learning Most High Yield
  • Advances in Telehealth: Cases where Telemedicine Facilitated Care and Cases Where it Missed the Mark; Optimal Utilization of Hybrid Models
  • Challenging Cases in COVID: Myocardial Involvement in COVID: When Ventricular Function Suffers
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