Intensive Sessions

Each year the Intensive Sessions at the Annual Scientific Session focus on new and growing areas in cardiovascular practice, and use gaps in competencies and knowledge to develop sessions that will expand an attendee's understanding of the selected topic. This unique program offer attendees the opportunity to deep dive into a specific area of concentration.

This year's Intensive Session is a four-part series on the Business of Cardiology led by co-chairs Alison Bailey, MD, FACC and Tyler J. Gluckman, MD, FACC. With 18 presentations led by business and cardiology experts, the sessions will address the basics of business, optimizing the care team, the sustainability of the system, and hot topics in the business of cardiology. Throughout the sessions, you'll have the opportunity to interact with your peers and expert panelists during the panel discussions and Q&As. Plus, don't miss the Dove Keynote presented by Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, FACC and the Bishop Keynote presented by Gerald Blackwell, MD, MBA, FACC.

Business Basics For Everyone (Session 51)

  • How Clinicians and Hospitals Get Paid: RVUs, DRGs and More
  • Navigating Fee For Service and Value-Based Reimbursement
  • James T. Dove Keynote: Why Quality Increasingly Matters presented by Karen E. Joynt Maddox, MD, FACC

Optimizing the Care Team (Session 52)

  • The Cardiology Workforce Crisis and Why Team-based Care is a Necessity
  • Benefits That Come With Team-Based Care
  • How to Build a High-Functioning Team and Measure its Success
  • A Means to Improve Workforce Wellness
  • Use Cases That Really Work

Sustainability of the System (Session 53)

  • Advocating For Things All Professionals Need: Fair Pay, Benefits and Job Satisfaction
  • Working Towards an "Ideal" Compensation Model
  • Organizational Structure: Why You Should Care
  • Partnering For Innovative Ways to Change Care and Address Disparities
  • Bringing Consumerism to Cardiology: Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring and Home-Based Care

Hot Topics in Business of Cardiology (Session 54)

  • Louis F. Bishop Keynote: The Future of Cardiology: Value-Based Care, Private Equity and Practice Landscape presented by Gerald Blackwell, MD, MBA, FACC.
  • The Ever-Growing Importance of Advocacy
  • Invasive Cardiology in the Future: Will Place of Service Change the Field
  • EMR Solutions and Technology Improvements: What the Future Should Look Like
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