Interventional Cardiology

The Interventional Cardiology Learning Pathway offers sessions that hit all the topics important to interventional cardiologists and the members of their team. The sessions focus on the newest and most critical developments in the field, debate pharmacological and technological advances and clinical trial results as well as feature sessions that cover the full spectrum of diagnoses and treatment in interventional cardiology. In addition, the overall focus of the program is on teamwork and the impact it has on the care of interventional cardiology patients.

Cardiovascular providers in the U.S. work in a time of major changes in the medical care system and how they are reimbursed. At ACC.17 you will have a chance to review how upcoming payment reforms, such as MACRA, will affect interventional cardiologists and presenters will share suggestions for addressing the economic, quality management and policy issues that can and will affect interventional cardiology programs and their future.

  • Assuring Quality in the Cath Lab: Documentation, Appropriate Use, Peer Review, and Public Reporting (session #603)
  • PCI in the Era of Public Accountability: Managing Risks to Patients, Providers, and Institutions (session #675)
  • Mastering Cath Lab Leadership and Economics in a New Era: A Joint Symposium by the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions and the American College of Cardiology (session #706)

Many sessions cover innovations in PCI, structural heart disease, peripheral vascular intervention, mitral valve intervention, pharmacology, quality improvement, and practice redesign. Presenters of these sessions will share case presentations or debate techniques and treatments for specific conditions:

  • Aorto-iliac Disease and Treatment: Practice at “The Edge” in Peripheral Intervention (session #602)
  • Overuse, Underuse or Just Right? Fundamental Debates in High Risk PCI in 2017 (session #691)
  • Imaging Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement (session #692)
  • Left Main PCI: Why? When? How? (session #708)
  • Controversies Surrounding TAVR: 2017 and Beyond (session #736)

The significant international representation in many sessions provides an opportunity for participants to learn about techniques and approaches that differ from the U.S. and hear about new devices or technological advances and pharmaceuticals already approved elsewhere.

All members of the interventional cardiology team will find value in the broad array of sessions being offered in the Interventional Cardiology Learning Pathway. Don’t wait to hear about the innovative, practice-changing ideas and techniques from someone else. Be there in person to hear the experts, join the discussions and understand firsthand the impact of potential changes.

Additional Highlights!

  • Great Minds Think Differently: Multidisciplinary Approach to Controversies in Cardiology, Multidisciplinary Approach to Imaging, Multidisciplinary Approach to Advanced Therapies (session #615, #631, #646)
  • Radial Access Mini-Symposium I and II (session #630, #645)
  • Core Curriculum: Revascularization in Special Populations (session #804)
  • Fellows Bootcamp: Interventional Basics, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Structural Heart Disease Management, Coronary Disease Management (session #303, #304, #305)
  • The Evolution of Angioplasty — 40 Years of Innovation: Joint Symposium of TCT and the American College of Cardiology (session #749)


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