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Contemporary management of heart failure requires a multidisciplinary team approach to achieve the best outcomes for this complex patient population, and for ACC.19, the Heart Failure (HF) and Cardiomyopathies Pathway program once again exemplifies a team approach in substance and action.

Attendees will find a program that provides state of the art, evidence-based education presented by a diverse array of speakers from a broad range of disciplines and career stages. The program brings together the leading experts in each field to maximize learning in an interactive environment.

The HF and Cardiomyopathy program is a can't miss because it offers a premier opportunity to meet experts, learn current best practices in the field, and network with leading investigators from around the world. The program features a broad range of topics including HFpEF, hemodynamic monitoring, pregnancy and heart disease, amyloid cardiomyopathy, biomarkers and genetics, V02 testing interpretation, and quality performance metrics in heart failure.

The program also includes several multidisciplinary sessions on the topics of cardio-oncology, nephrology and cardiovascular disease, and endocrinology and diabetes, and reflects the practice of medicine today in that providers care for the whole patient as a multidisciplinary team. Other sessions cover a broad range of topics in acute heart failure, cardiogenic shock and ambulatory care.

Don't miss these hot topics:

  • Best Practices in Heart Failure: "How To" with the Experts (session #601)
  • Acute Heart Failure: What Do We Know? Where Can We Go? (session #630)
  • Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Disease: At the Heart of Mother and the Baby (session #726)
  • The Right Quality and Performance Metrics and Right Outcomes in Heart Failure (session #602)
  • Frailty in Heart Failure Care: It isn't just about age (session #647)
  • Amyloid Cardiomyopathy: The Starry Future (session #702)
  • The Intersection of Heart Failure and Diabetes (session #646)
  • The Current Landscape in Cardio-Oncology (session #688)
  • Cardiorenal Syndrome in Heart Failure: Balancing the Needs of the Heart and Kidney (session #737)
  • Cardiogenic Shock: State of the Art Management Strategies (session #613)
  • Exercise Training in HF: Call to Action (session #645)
  • Kanu and Docey Chatterjee Keynote and Seminal Talks in Heart Failure: Guidelines, Challenges, and Pathway for Success: Learn from the Experts (session #661)
  • Update in Diagnosis and Management of Acute Myocarditis: Joint ACC and Heart Failure Society of America Session (session #647)
  • The Durability of Mechanical Support (session #711)
  • Hemodynamics in Heart Failure: Understanding the Fundamentals (session #710)
  • Being Mortal: End of Life Care for Patients With Heart Failure (session #753)
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